Farm-to-closet is a growing movement among the fashion industry. This movement is an adaption of the large initiative in the food industry, farm-to-table, which promotes organic and locally grown food ingredients in restaurants. Traceability of ingredients is an important part of the farm-to-table concept, allowing customers to easily know where the food they’re eating is coming from. The value of organic and traceable products in the farm-to-table movement is being incorporated into the apparel industry with farm-to-closet.

The idea of farm-to-closet focuses on selling clothing that is organic and is produced with as little damage to the environment as possible. Zady and Boerum Apparel, although both start ups, are two examples of companies that are pioneering in the movement, focusing their entire brand on farm-to-closet products. Instead of “you are what you eat”, with farm-to-closet “you are what you…wear”! Although this phrase sounds funny, there is some science behind it. Skin is the largest organ and absorber in our bodies. Therefore, wearing materials that were grown or produced using pesticides and harmful chemicals may actually allow these chemicals to be absorbed into your body and therefore can affect your health. Toxic chemicals found in synthetic clothing have been linked to health problems such as infertility, respiratory diseases, cancer and more! Who knew?! The push towards farm-to-closet products is not only environmentally conscious, it is beneficial to your health.

Now knowing that our clothing may be slowly damaging our environment and our bodies, we should take steps to move away from clothing made with toxic chemicals and move towards a farm-to-closet mindset. As consumers we hold the power to decide what to buy, what sells and therefore what gets produced. We can take the initial steps in the direction of farm-to-closet purchasing by doing something as easy as looking at a tag. Key phrases such as “100% organic” and “certified” are positive signs that you are buying in the right direction. Doing research beyond the tag on the production process of clothing can only expand your awareness of the product’s journey into your hand. Educating yourself and buying with a conscious mind permits you to connect with the product that you are purchasing. This allows you to love the piece that you bought not only for how it looks and feels, but truly love it as well for what it stands for and represents.

Fair Harbor is amongst the companies that hold common beliefs with the farm-to-closet movement, beliefs of the importance of organic products, sustainability, and transparency. With 100% organic American grown cotton tshirts, Fair Harbor is ensuring you that the cotton in the tees were not grown using harsh chemicals that are most likely in the majority of your cotton products in your closet. As well, the process that each pair of Fair Harbor boardshorts takes from water bottles to the final product can be found via the “Learn More” tab on the website. Fair Harbor provides you with the knowledge and transparency that allows you to connect with and feel good about what you are buying. Every company should provide these tools, yet many lack them. The farm-to-closet movement is picking up speed and is changing the apparel industry for the better.

Before you buy, take the small step and do a little digging. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn about a product just by looking at the tag or with a little bit of googling. Being a conscious consumer will help you to stay healthy and to keep doing what you love in a clean environment with products that you have confidence in!

Sea’s the day!