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Featured Sustainable Brand: Allbirds

Posted on 21 October 2016

Watch out, shoe industry! Allbirds is reinventing the way we make and think about wearing shoes. Allbirds is a sneaker company with the motto “Better shoes in a better way”. All of their shoes are made out of merino wool as opposed to synthetics and rubbers that most sneakers are made out of. Allbirds is pioneering in this transformation of footwear, being the first in the industry to create runners out of wool. Merino wool is a natural material that minimizes odor, wicks moisture, regulates temperature and oh,  it’s incredibly soft! The idea came to co-founder Tim Brown after growing up in New Zealand and noticing how the country’s once thriving sheep industry was slowing down. Taking a step back and realizing that the great sustainable resource of wool had such potential, Brown struck the idea of turning wool into sneakers.

Allbirds is an inspiring company in many ways. They are going above and beyond other companies by stressing the importance of making their stylish shoe as sustainable and environmentally friendly as it can be. The merino wool they use is ZQ-certified, promising you that the farming practices and treatment of the sheep meet sustainable and welfare standards. Co-founders Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger have worked hard to defy the big shoe industry by leaving a 60% smaller carbon footprint during the production of their wool than that of synthetic materials AND using 40% less packaging materials than the traditional shoe packaging.

Allbirds is changing an industry for the better by using what is sustainable and what is around us in nature. They are connecting our everyday lives to nature one pair of runners at a time. Just as you feel good knowing that with every pair of Fair Harbor Boardshorts you wear you’re giving a new life to 11 discarded water bottles, you feel good knowing that when you slip on a pair of Allbirds you are wearing an environmentally friendly product.

Allbirds and Fair Harbor both have looked at our world and have seen how certain materials could be manipulated into a new environmentally conscious product. Everyday more and more people are thinking outside of the box and creating these great ideas. If we all started to observe resources that surrounds us and begin to find alternative uses for them, could you imagine how our world would change? With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless! Follow Allbirds’s motto and find “a better way” to create the products that you use in your everyday life.

Sea’s the day!

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