Island to Island: Fair Harbor takes on Nantucket

Island to Island: Fair Harbor takes on Nantucket

We’ve returned from our long-weekend in Nantucket and are pleased to report a successful “business trip”! While the skies were cloudy this weekend, the mood was far from it. We spent our long weekend gorging ourselves on great friends, food, drink, and pure island vibes. Upon arriving we spent a day as first-time explorers of Nantucket; after stretching our legs around the cobblestone streets of town, we broke out the Fair Harbor surf board and then took a well-needed nap on the beach. Finally we spent our afternoon at the Cisco Brewery, where we enjoyed mouth-watering lobster rolls, ahi tuna sliders, cold local beer, and an amusing spectacle of drunk tourists struggling to maneuver their mopeds. 

Over the course of our trip we were pleasantly reminded of our Fair Harbor namesake; we navigated our car around roads that were clearly not intended for vehicles and chatted with locals who praised the simplicity of living “on island”. It was awesome to see how welcomingly Nantucket received us—almost everyone we talked to seem to share our enthusiasm for the Fair Harbor lifestyle. 

We had our first trunk show of the weekend with the laid back guys at Nantucket Surf Co.who had us grinning ear to ear all day. They cracked jokes, called out to people passing by (they seemed to know every person on the island), and fully embraced our board shorts to add to their “daily uniform”. We then spent our evenings chatting with our gracious hosts who lead us around some of their favorite meals on the island such as Millie’s and B-ACK Yard BBQ. Over fresh fish, tacos, and finger-lickin’ good barbecue, our friends shared stories of charming Nantucket traditions, such as naming homes after old boats and catching turtles with chicken legs as bait in roadside creeks. 

Finally, we ended our trip promoting Fair Harbor at the Nantucket Yoga Festival on Bartlett’s Farm where participants and other vendors listened avidly to our story. It was awesome to be surrounded by such eager-to-learn, adventure-oriented people who embraced our brand with such encouragement. Overall we were impacted by a sense of a palpable Nantucket community, united by an “on island” mentality and a conviction for good health, thankfulness and environmental responsibility. We’re all about it, and cannot wait to visit Nantucket again! 

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