Summer Sadness Cure 1: Rooftop Bars

Well that’s it. It’s happening. Slowly but surely the carefree summer ways of relaxing on the beach until the sun goes down at 9 PM have come to an end. Now come the real dog days. I’ve never really wrapped my head around the whole “dog days of summer” concept. The dog days of summer are manageable; in fact they’re enjoyable, a little extra heat? Who cares? Pop your top and hop in the pool to cool down. Take a cold shower and refresh yourself. Grab your board and go catch some waves. If you’re not a surfer, snag your cooler filled with cold beer and the outdoor folding chair that’s been sitting in your trunk for months, and post up on the beach watching your friends attempt to surf. The possibilities are endless, until it happens that is.


Here it comes, the literal and figurative darkness. As beautiful as the fall foliage can be, or as breathtaking as a nice winter flurry is, nothing quite compares to that simple, easy going lifestyle that summer brings. We’ve all been there before, you get out of the office at 5:30 and it’s pitch-black outside, you somberly put Chap Stick on your chafing lips as you wait for the 6 train contemplating, “how did I possibly end up here?” And just like that…. you’ve been hit. You’ve been hit with a serious case of the summer sadies. Don’t panic though, NYC offers a plethora of simple, fun, options that can cure your treacherous case of the summer sadies faster than Usain Bolt in the 100 meter.



I know what you’re thinking. “It’s gotta be freezing. Rooftop bars? In the fall and winter? You’re crazier than my ex-girlfriend.” Contrary to popular belief, there are numerous NYC rooftop bars that stay open year round regardless of what the temperature is outside. Many of these rooftop bars, such as Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel, have temperature controlled flooring and retractable glass panels making it a year-round destination for an incredible outlook of Midtown. Particularly for those who want an amazing view of the Chrysler Building over a cold beverage in order to temporarily convince themselves it’s the middle of July. Cantina Rooftop also brings a consistent summer vibe, even in the real “dog days of fall/winter.” They have a wide variety of authentic Mexican cuisine, and offer an amazing happy hour 5 to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Suffering from the summer sadies leaving your office? Head to Cantina Rooftop for a refreshing margarita, and you’ll immediately reminisce to the carefree days of you and all your friends on a beach relaxing in your Fair Harbor boardshorts.