Sustainable Brand Spotlight: Conceptos Plásticos

Around the world, entrepreneurs are finding ways to repurpose waste in meaningful ways. Conceptos Plásticos is one company making huge strides in this field, using plastic and rubber waste to build homes for struggling communities in Latin America. Their threefold goal of reducing pollution, alleviating poverty and and improving social conditions is rooted in innovation, sustainability, and interconnectedness. 


Conceptos Plásticos harnesses advanced extrusion technology that melts and molds recovered plastic and rubber into construction materials. The final products are Lego-like blocks that are durable and easily installed. In the past few years, the company has repurposed over 300 tons of plastic, effectively reducing CO2 emissions as well as water and energy consumption. 

The company is also dedicated to corporate social responsibility, empowering members of their targeted communities. The Conceptos Plásticos system requires no skilled labor and is quickly assembled, so after a short training session locals are equipped with the ability to install their homes themselves. In just five days, a home for one family can be built by just four people! 

Conceptos Plásticos isn’t only appealing to the sustainable engineering community, but is also a vibrant opportunity for governments, NGOs, and other organizations to invest in. Not only are they 30% cheaper than traditional systems used in rural areas, but they also generate hundreds of jobs indirectly and alleviate the suffering of displaced populations. By weaving interests of environmental protection, economic growth, and social wellbeing, Conceptos Plásticos is generating incentives for different public sectors to work together to solve pressing current issues. 

Keep your eyes open for startups like Conceptos Plásticos that are pioneering solutions and inspiring change around the world!

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