Sustainable Brand Spotlight: Norton Point

Join us in welcoming Norton Point to the sustainable brand scene! Just last week, Norton Point launched their first line of sunglasses manufactured out of recovered plastic. Based out of Martha’s Vineyard, MA, Norton Point’s journey has taken them all the way to Haiti. Haiti’s insufficient waste management exacerbated by extreme weather and the 2010 earthquake has defiled the natural beauty of the country’s landscape, littering it with loads of plastic. Much of this plastic ultimately contributes to the 8 metric tons that pollute our oceans each year. Like all of us here at Fair Harbor, the guys at Norton Point “sea plastic differently”—not as trash but as a resource. 

Norton Point has teamed up with the Ocean Conservancy and the Plastic Bank to create cool pairs of polarized and scratch resistant sunglasses, perfect for those beach days ahead! Even more, Norton Point has committed to a “1 to 1” policy, pledging to remove 1 pound of plastic from the oceans for every product they manufacture, and to put 5% of their net profits towards global ocean clean up efforts. 

Join us in welcoming the long sunny days of summer; grab your Norton Point shades, Fair Harbor board shorts, and hit the beach! 

Check out Norton Point's Kickstarter as they turn this dream into a reality:   

Sea's the Day!