Vote Our Planet: Patagonia

Patagonia has long been a supporter of environmental action. The company has set aside an insane amount of more than $20million to invest in socially and environmentally responsible companies and projects.

Continuing with Patagonia’s push for environmental action and change, the company has just pledged a whopping $1million to its new campaign, Vote Our Planet. The goal of Vote Our Planet is to encourage Americans to vote, while keeping the environment in mind in the upcoming election.

The Vote Our Planet campaign reinforces the common passion for the outdoors and concern about the current environmental conditions that Patagonia and Fair Harbor share. The campaign is moving beyond solely the concern for the environment; it’s showing the importance of taking action in order to see change. From coast to coast, Patagonia is inspiring Americans to vote for our environment through educational events held in its stores. These events focus on the voting process as well as how we can defend our soil, air and...water! The Vote Our Planet page on Patagonia’s website outlines the ways in which we are polluting and how we can defend our soil, air and water.

The campaign highlights the fact that although America’s waters are essential to our well being, they are being polluted day in and day out. Due to the pollution from aging pipes and chemical and waste seepage, over half of our nation’s fresh water is deemed in fair or poor biological health. As well, with our current ways, the amount of plastic in our oceans will surpass the amount of fish by 2050. Staggering facts like these that Patagonia puts forth should make us step back and truly see what we are doing to our environment and essentially ourselves. These polluted waters are the rivers, lakes and oceans where we all summer, swim, fish and make memories. Our consumer society and our desire for materialism and instant satisfaction hinder our ability to think about the long term effects of our actions that pollute. The true value of our water, our soil and our air will not be understood until they are too far gone.

The Vote Our Planet campaign hopes that we never have to get to that point by rallying American voters around these issues that affect us all, no matter our political affiliations. Every vote counts and with enough votes for environmental action, our representatives will have to listen and enact change.

Check out Patagonia’s website for more information on the Vote Our Planet campaign, events near you, and voter registration! Create change with Fair Harbor and Patagonia by living keen and voting green! #VoteOurPlanet