Connor Morris

Connor Morris

Instagram: @connorrrmorris


Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA

Occupation: Landscape, adventure and freelance photographer

Typical day: The crux of Connor’s daily routine is being present for every sunrise and sunset. He wakes up before the sun does, making it to the beach in time to surf or take pictures as the sun rises. Afterwards, Connor usually heads back home or to a coffee shop to edit his shots before heading back to the beach for sunset.

Background: Connor has a passion for pursuing adventure and beauty. He moved to Southern California when he was 12 and immediately fell in love with the ocean and the thrill that surfing brought into his life. With no professional influence in his personal life, Connor developed a zeal for photography at the age of 16 after experimenting with his Dad’s camera. Inspired by his day to day activities, the beautiful places in his life, the road trips he’s taken and the national parks he has traveled to, Connor has taught himself along the way by reading blogs of other photographers. Without a doubt, check out his work!

Favorite place he’s traveled to: Connor’s first trip to Yosemite National Park opened his eyes to how far he was capable of taking his dreams. Coming back from the trip was the first time he felt accomplished with the number of great shots he was able to take. Being confident in the results of his own work inspired Connor to keep exploring other places around the world. 

Lifestyle: Connor’s interests in photography and surfing are mutually reinforcing. However, Connor admits that his real passion is simply being outdoors and living his life to the fullest. Connor’s philosophy is that we shouldn't put off doing things that we love for fear of disappointing others. The breathtaking quality of his photos is testament to the personal responsibility he feels towards himself and our environment.. He wants to inspire people to do the same—to not feel like they have to go the “normal” route, take the 9 to 5 job, and miss out on the parts of life that excite them the most. 

Fair Harbor: Connor is excited about Fair Harbor and the possibility our brand has to connect the surf lifestyle to a selfless and meaningful goal. So grab your Fair Harbor board shorts and, to quote Connor, “go outside!"