How It Began

Our family spent every summer in Fair Harbor, a small beach community on Fire Island, NY, where we grew up swimming, surfing, fishing, and exploring the outdoors. Carefree sunny days spent with our family instilled a deep love and respect for the natural world. Those formative experiences from Fair Harbor made us who we are today.

Motivated By Purpose

As we got older, we realized that environmental pollution threatened seaside havens like ours. Plastic bottles, plastic particles, nylon fishing nets, and other man-made debris harm the world’s waterways and life around them. So we decided to make a difference by creating a sustainable brand that finds new uses for discarded plastic and nylon waste.

Passion For Product

We discovered along our journey that sustainable clothing not only benefits the environment but it often outperforms conventional materials. Our recycled fabrics are soft, comfortable, and have incredible performance characteristics.We hope wearing our sustainable products will inspire you to make a positive difference in the environment and preserve the places you love for future generations.