Snapshots from Amalfi

The best journeys are the ones that stay with you. Jake and Caroline tell us about the experiences that inspired The Amalfi Collection.

It doesn’t get more beautiful than Southern Italy, so many years ago, our parents spent their honeymoon along the incredible Amalfi Coast. Eager to share their favorite memories of this stunning region with us, our parents took us there for their 20th wedding anniversary. It was one of our favorite family trips because we were both awed by the dazzling new sights and connected to our parents’ history. It was a very special moment for all of us.

Photos from our parent's honeymoon trip.
Last year, the two of us returned for inspiration. It was the first trip we had taken since the pandemic started, and we needed to re-engage our senses after spending so much time behind our laptop screens. When we thought back to our favorite vacation ever, Italy was it. So we wanted to explore this magical place with fresh eyes and experience the trip as only adults can, appreciating the rich and storied culture while sipping Negronis by the sea.

What lay ahead was much more than we could imagine. We landed in Rome and drove three hours along the impossibly narrow, winding roads. John Steinbeck’s famous travel story, “Positano,” probably captured it best when he described the experience as: “high, high above the blue sea, that hooked and corkscrewed on the edge of nothing, a road carefully designed to be a little narrower than two cars side by side.” 

When we finally reached our destination, Ravello’s Palazzo Avino, we knew that white-knuckle ride was worth it. Our imaginations instantly awoke to rustic homes rendered in umbers, greens, and blues; the smell of the salt air mingled with lemon trees; delicious bread dripping with olive oil and crunchy salt; and the lyrical Italian banter. We finally understood the Italian concept of la dolce vita.

Our new Amalfi Collection reflects that same sense of excitement. The saturated hues and the textures – from the orange of a lounge chair to the wallpaper of our favorite bar, the geometric tile, and beautiful bright pottery—capture equal parts nostalgia and fresh awe. Each piece in our limited-edition capsule attempts to translate what we saw, touched, and tasted –all intensified under that gorgeous Italian sun. 

Ravello’s medieval streets, dramatic hills, and ancient stone pathways feel like they have stood still in time. It is a world away from Fire Island, but no less meaningful to us. As we swam in the dark turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, we were reminded that they also need protection. So we created this exclusive collection with sustainable materials to celebrate the timeless spirit of the Amalfi Coast. No matter where you wear it this season, we hope it transports you to a unique and inspiring place too.