Baby Brasa X Fair Harbor

Baby Brasa X
Fair Harbor

Venture into Baby Brasa restaurant in Manhattan's West Village, and you're instantly transported to a lush escape from the city outside. Lively Latin music, wafts of spicy Peruvian food, and bursts of bright jungle flowers engage every sense. Our latest collaboration collection, Baby Brasa X Fair Harbor, translates that infectious tropical vibe to five of our signature styles.

The Coral Ombre Anchor Designed to look like a summer sky, our best-selling 8-inch Anchor promises easy, relaxing days in the sunshine.

The Beach Sunset Ozone Our athletic fit Ozones available in an 8-inch inseam channel that golden hour feeling in an ultra-performance short.

The Banana Leaf Bayberry Banana leaves are a favorite flora in Latin America, and this 7-inch Bayberry with a classic fit will be your go-to greenery.

The Tropical Safari Sextant When you're looking to go bold, our stylish 6-inch trunk with a tailored fit has a design made to show off your wild side.

The BB Print Kismet Tee We printed pink flamingos on our feather-soft Kismet Tee as a nod to this flamboyant tropical bird loved by sun-seekers everywhere.

Our collaboration partners, Franco Noriega and Milan Kelez, met in their home country of Peru before moving stateside and eventually opening Baby Brasa in 2016. Franco, a celebrity chef who hails from a family of restaurateurs, combined his love for cooking with Milan's flair for entertaining and created a unique culinary experience in the heart of New York City. "We embrace the sun, and we love the beach, so we wanted to transport people into this vibrant oasis when you walk through the door," he explains of the restaurant. "People come here to have a good time. Yes, the food is incredible, but you also have the fun, social aspect to it."

The former models-turned-entrepreneurs find the collaboration collection has a similarly energetic and stylish vibe as their Downtown Manhattan hotspot. "You can wear them at the gym, skateboarding, or on the beach paddling or playing volleyball," says Milan. "Put on a shirt, and you can meet someone for lunch by the pool."

Both agree that Fair Harbor's mission complements the active beach lifestyle embodied by Baby Brasa's organic food, eco-friendly practices, and fitness class offerings. "A healthy lifestyle and sustainability are both very important to our brand," says Milan.

Franco, who serves on the United Nations Council for plastic pollution and works with South American countries to reduce plastics in the environment, says the collaboration has been a natural fit. "We are truly aligned with the environmental mission of Fair Harbor," he says. "Working with the brand to create this sustainable collection that also looks playful and fun combines the best of all worlds."