Celebrating B Corp Month

Celebrating B Corp Month

How Fair Harbor and other B Corps go beyond business as usual

When we set out to build a brand, we were inspired by the good we could do as much as the quality of the product we would make. Those values complemented our vision rather than competed with it. That’s why we were so proud and excited to earn certified B Corp status last fall. And since March is B Corp Month, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate positively impacting the planet by prioritizing our purpose-driven mission.

Meeting that strict set of practices for B Lab is not easy. Certified B Corps have an explicit social or environmental mission and agree to equally balance the interests of workers, the community, the environment, and its shareholders. For Fair Harbor, recycling more than 30 million plastic bottles to make fabric for our apparel is just the beginning. Our mission translates into everything from our community clean-ups to our ethical WRAP-certified factories that meet internationally recognized social compliance criteria. And our high sustainability standards are also incorporated into every facet of our business⸺from our company culture to office environment outside events and photo shoots. 

As a certified B Corp, we’re proud to lead with our values and help everyone protect the places they love. We hope knowing about our impact helps you enjoy Fair Harbor products even more.

-Caroline and Jake Danehy, Co-founders of Fair Harbor