Sustainable Brand Spotlight: Boxed Water

Photo courtesy of @melodycurran

Boxed Water is a company based out of Michigan that’s taking measures to ensure that every step of their business is environmentally friendly. Their product itself is an achievement in sustainability—using paper instead of plastic to hold water. Even more, Boxed Water’s eco-friendly business model reaches every stage of their business from production to consumption. They use renewable resources, work with well-managed forests, and optimize delivery efficiency so as to minimize their carbon footprint. 

Even more cool, Boxed Water has joined forces with the National Forest Foundation and 1% For The Planet to meet the goal of planting one million trees by 2020! For every picture posted on social media with a Boxed Water and #ReTree, Boxed Water plants two trees. Already 3/4 of the way to their goal for 2016 of 200,000 trees planted, Boxed Water is making HUGE strides in giving back what they take from the environment. 

Boxed Water is recruiting everyone to join the conversation about our global plastic waste problem and educating people about steps we can take to alleviate the problem. Their website offers suggestions such as opting for reusable grocery bags, buying in bulk, and choosing microbead-free cosmetics. You can learn about more solutions!

Their message is simple and indisputable—creating change is as easy as the small daily decisions we make. Look for Boxed Water to help you stay hydrated this summer and, as always, Sea’s the Day!