Sustainable Brand Spotlight: Folk Rebellion

Last week, thousands of brands gathered in Salt Lake City for the annual Outdoor Retailer convention. Among the countless exhibitors, Folk Rebellion is a brand that both inspired and reaffirmed the simple, outdoors-oriented lifestyle that Fair Harbor stands for. 

The incentive behind Folk Rebellion is a craving to experience the world face to face, rather than through the screens of our myriad devices. It’s true that technology has delivered a remarkable possibility for connecting people, places, and ideas. However, it has also distracted us from the connections to be made readily in front of us should we only unplug for a moment and look around. 

Folk Rebellion is educating others about this technology dependency epidemic. For example, their blog shares that teenagers today spend an average of 11 hours a day looking at a digital device. The effect of this is literally crippling as it takes away from time that could be otherwise spent outdoors or being active. What’s so inspiring is that Folk Rebellion is also preaching that we’re far more dependent on these technologies than weneed to be. It is well within our capacity to put down the screens, slow things down, and reorient ourselves with real opportunities that surround us. It simply comes down to the choices we make every day. 

Check out Folk Rebellion’s website for a bold gathering of cool products and blog posts such as the enlightening feature, “You Are Not the Sum of Your Likes”. Join Folk Rebellion and Fair Harbor in putting what’s important back into perspective—get up, go outside, and as always, Sea’s the Day!