Durand Guion X Fair Harbor

Right now, menswear is experimental. It’s personal. It’s transgressive. And that makes it more exciting than ever. While we built Fair Harbor by redefining the classics with innovative fabrics and a core commitment to sustainability, our most recent collaboration with Durand Guion reflects his progressive style.

Macy’s Fashion Director Durand Guion is an industry icon, and he’s also a close friend and longtime mentor to co-founders, Caroline and Jake Danehy. We teamed up with Durand to create this exclusive three-piece capsule collection which pushes the boundaries of luxury beach looks for men. With vibrant patterns and pops of bright color, these designs epitomize Durand’s incredible eye and contagious energy. As Caroline says, “Durand has supported, encouraged, and challenged us ever since we launched Fair Harbor. This collaboration is a tribute to that special relationship and Durand’s impeccable sense of style.”

Durand Paisley Sextant

Sold out

Durand Floral Sextant

sold out

Durand Shibori Bayberry

Sold out

A Note From Co-Founder Caroline Danehy:

“Growing up, I wrote a blog about vintage fashion, and on the weekends I’d head into New York City to rummage through consignment shops, posting about my recent finds. My blog was a way to feel connected to the industry while I was still in middle school and high school. A family friend—Ken Giddon, the owner of Rothmans men’s store—knew how enthusiastic I was about everything clothing-related and invited me to attend the Duckie Brown show during my sophomore year. Afterward, Ken briefly introduced me to Durand Guion. I remember handing Durand a business card for my blog, hoping to see him again, but unsure if
I would.

As luck would have it, Durand graciously met me for lunch in SoHo a few weeks later. We talked about school, work, clothes, and friends, and I was instantly awed by his outlook on life and his deep knowledge of the fashion world. A decade later, I’m still always energized and inspired when we spend time together. I look up to Durand in so many ways, personally and professionally. He’s an incredibly important person in my life, and in my brother Jake’s life, too.

We spoke with several fashion industry experts before we started Fair Harbor in 2014. Some told us that we didn’t have enough experience; that the men’s swimwear space was already saturated; that we didn’t know what we were doing. But not Durand. Durand supported our vision and encouraged us to take the plunge and launch the company. I’m so grateful for Durand’s unwavering mentorship and friendship over the years and how he pushes us to keep evolving and experimenting with style.”

As seen in Women’s Wear Daily, writer, Jean E. Palmieri, goes into detail about the collaboration and the relationship between the founders and Durand Guion found here.

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