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In Menswear, There Is A Visible Step Forward

The Fair Harbor Henley is essential F/W purchase because not only is it the world's softest and most sustainable Henley but its custom fabric is made of recycled plastic bottles, tree bark and spandex, comes in four colors and has UPF 50 sun protection built in. The Harbor Henley allows customers the opportunity to enjoy the places they love in comfort and style, while protecting the places they love for future generations

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Best Beach Essentials for Your Ultimate Day in the Sun

Fair Harbor is making some of the most eco-friendly, comfortable, and cool trunks of the moment. This swimsuit made with recycled polyester—which keeps 12 bottles out of landfills per pair—makes for feel-good beach attire catching some waves. The four-way stretch fabric with water-repellent coating allows for optimum flexibility and comfort for all beach activities.

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Business Insider

A millennial and his Gen Z sister used a $20,000 grant to launch a line of swimsuits made from recycled plastic bottles, and it marks the next generation of sustainable fashion. "We've recycled over [2.5 million] plastic bottles, and next year, we'll do over [3 million]," Caroline told Business Insider, noting that they receive the plastic bottles from recyclable facilities around the world.

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Fair Harbor Anchor Short

Are swim trunks good for the earth? Not usually, but these are. Made from a blend of recycled ocean plastic and spandex, each pair of these comfy, stretchy shorts reuses the equivalent of 12 plastic bottles. A DWR fabric treatment helps them dry quickly, and they come with a built-in liner and three pockets for maximum versatility in and out of the water.

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Forbes 30 Under 30: Manufacturing and Industry

Siblings Jake and Caroline Danehy spent childhood summers on Fair Harbor, Fire Island, and started their company to reduce ocean plastic. Their process uses a technology to convert plastic bottles into recycled polyester that Jake learned as a student at Colgate University, and which is then turned into board shorts and swimwear.

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“Blending the durability of workwear with classic style, the Fair Harbor Compass Pant is crafted from a highly technical fabric that's super "green" to boot--mainly fashioned from recycled bottles, with cotton and some spandex. The four-way stretch material is also quick drying and water repellent and offered in a range of understated hues.”

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Meet The Swimwear Brand Saving The Ocean One Swimsuit At A Time

“What sets Danehy apart from other swimwear brands is his powerful interest in a sustainable humanistic approach. Danehy’s attention is in implementing assistive technology that has allowed for his Fair Harbor Swimwear brand to take advantage of sustainable applications by leveraging technology to mitigate the use of single-use plastics and transforming recycled plastic bottles into exceptional swimwear.”

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“There wasn’t a specific fashion house/designer/celebrity we thought about when first creating our designs. However, we did acknowledge the platform that these parties have in voicing their opinions on a matter they feel passionate about,” say the founders. “Our goal is to use our brand as a platform to promote the mitigation of single-use plastics.”

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Best Men’s Swim Trunks

“Eleven plastic bottles collected from oceans and beaches go into making these Fair Harbor swim trunks. The water will feel cleaner just by having them on.”

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Fair Harbor to Open Three Pop-ups in New York

"The brother and sister team of Jake and Caroline Danehy created Fair Harbor in 2014 with one objective: to promote the mitigation of single-use plastics by creating products out of recycled plastic bottles. They homed in on sustainable swimwear because they spent their summers surfing in Fair Harbor on Fire Island in New York and were alarmed by the amount of plastic they saw washing up on the shore."

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Fair Harbor To Open Three Seasonal Shops In New York Area

“We wanted to capitalize on the summer selling season by offering our products in key locations across New York City and Long Island without having to commit to long-term leases, which is why we decided to launch our Fair Harbor seasonal shops,” said Jake Danehy, founder and CEO of Fair Harbor. “We want people to see and feel our sustainable swimwear in person as well as experience our vision and vibe of Fair Harbor, which you can’t necessarily achieve as a pure online retailer.

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Meet Eight Founders Driving Environmental Change

Together, the siblings conceived of repurposing plastic bottles by shredding, spinning, and weaving them into fabrics. Voilà: beachwear. Under the business moniker Fair Harbor, the siblings pay homage to their coastal playground. The Danehys also push their Round Trip Initiative, which offers free shipping for customers who send in old swimwear for repurposing—and a discount on new gear.

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Men’s Brands Jump Into Sustainability Efforts

“Men’s Brands Jump Into Sustainability Efforts. From cashmere sweaters and swimwear to designer duds, the men's market has embraced the effort. Like many things in men’s wear, it often takes a bit longer for a trend to take hold than it does in women’s wear. Sustainability has been no exception.”

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We Need This E146 - Plastic Swimsuits

"To date we have kept 180,000 plastic bottles out of land fills, off our beaches and out of our oceans... We take a plastic bottle like this, chop it into tiny pieces, and then shred into poly fibers. We then take those poly fibers and spin them into yarn. The yarn is then woven into our custom fabrics..."

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From bottles to models: Fair Harbor turns plastic into board shorts

The company was established by a young brother-sister team, Jake and Caroline Danehy, who spent their childhood summers in the small seaside community of Fair Harbor on Fire Island in New York State. Curiously, Fair Harbor is a 'barefoot' community, where no cars are allowed and bicycles are the only mode of transportation. The Danehy siblings grew up playing in the sand and surfing the Atlantic waves.

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Brother-Sister Duo Makes Board Shorts From Recycled Plastic Bottles

We want to change the way the millennial generation looks at consumer products. It’s not just, ‘I’m going to buy a ton of cheap pieces and throw it all out at the end of the season.’ Fabric doesn’t have to be something we make and throw away. We want to innovate it into something completely different from what its first life was, and do it in a way that’s stylish.

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