The Saltaire Crewneck

Growing up, our Dad had a decades-old Mount Gay Rum sweatshirt that we all begged him to  let us borrow. Whether it was a sports practice, fall BBQ, or just the comfort of family while  away at school, this sweatshirt made its way around each family member - evoking a sense of  nostalgia and warmth all year round. We wanted to capture that same feeling in this collection -  showcasing Fair Harbor in the off season.

fair harbor vintage red crewneck sweater

Black Saltaire Crewneck

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Red Saltaire Crewneck

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Quarry Saltaire Crewneck

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Navy Saltaire Crewneck

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This vintage-inspired crewneck is made with our signature super-soft Saltaire fabric, which is a  blend of recycled plastic bottles and Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton. Throw it on for a walk  with the dog along the shore, afternoon brewery with friends, or whenever you want a cool,  classic layer to pair with just about everything.

fair harbor navy crewneck sweater
fair harbor red crewneck sweater
man on beach in a fair harbor grey crewneck sweater

Each Sunday our family strolled down to Manor Park, a nearby coastal park for an afternoon  walk with our dog. A break between football games, or homework, this time was a weekly  sense of calmness that refreshed our minds and cleared the air with a cool breeze coming off of the water. For the photoshoot, we traveled back to Manor Park to capture the place that we  love.

fair harbor red crewneck sweater
fair harbor light grey crewneck sweater
man in car wearing a fair harbor navy crewneck sweater