Fair Harbor x Vance Joy

Music has so much power—to connect us, change the mood, and transform a moment. Our favorite summer songs have been the basis for some of our best memories with family and friends.

Fair Harbor is excited to announce our collaboration with musician Vance Joy for this exclusive limited-edition collection. Vance has been a huge inspiration for us through his songs (we keep them on repeat!) and his commitment to protecting the ocean, and we know he will be for you, too. We’ll be proudly donating all the profits from these shorts to organizations that are working to safeguard our environment. Proceeds from the koala print will go to Wildlife Victoria, while the sea turtle print will benefit SEE Turtles.

Vance Joy Sea Turtle Bayberry

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Vance Joy Koala Bayberry

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Conversation With Vance Joy

As you sketched the initial designs yourself, what was your inspiration behind why you chose to draw a koala and sea turtle?

Vance Joy: Since I was a little kid I have been fascinated with life under the sea. I would stand on the pier for ages on beach holidays and try and spot fish (I still do this). With a pair of goggles I’d take to rock pools with my siblings, amazed and exhilarated to see the beautiful animals living there. Sea turtles are graceful and beautiful and I thought a sea turtle sketch would look great on the shorts. I also sketched a Koala because they are a beautiful and unique Australian Native that has become endangered in recent times. I wanted to make a small gesture to support the remaining Koalas. It was really seamless working with the Fair Harbor team. I did a little sketch - sent it over - and a few weeks later got these really great designs. Stoked with the way they came back.

In what ways has your music/aesthetic/beliefs aligned with Fair Harbor for this project?

Vance Joy: Caroline & Jake were totally on board with all the proceeds going to two wildlife organisations. I had partnered with SEETurtles on my previous album and we raised money to help their Billion Baby Turtles campaign, by replacing plastic bags at shows with totes. The profits from the Turtle shorts will go to SEETurtles & profits from the Koala shorts will go to Wildlife Victoria to support Koala populations. It felt very natural and seamless.

Jake and Caroline love listening to your music, and have done so for years. What drew you to want to collaborate with Fair Harbor too?

Vance Joy: When they initially reached out I was interested in the product because it’s environmentally conscious. Then we met on a zoom call and Jake and Caroline inspired me with their vision. The collaboration was fun. I spent a few days with friends at my local beach taking some photos of us wearing the new shorts. Very wholesome stuff.

Jake and Caroline grew up going to the barefoot community of Fair Harbor that inspired them to start their brand, and protect the places they love. Where is “your Fair Harbor”?

Vance Joy: My Equivalent would be hanging down at the beach with my folks in Flinders on the Mornington peninsula in Victoria, Australia. It's pretty quiet down there most of the time and there is stillness and fresh air. I love going into the backyard and picking tomatoes from the veggie garden. The beach is a short walk and I take my snorkel and go and see what the fish are up to on the local reef. There is a big stingray that peacefully floats around there that I’ve seen when swimming. I love feeling in touch and connected to the environment. I mean we’re all made of the same stuff and it's our home. Jake and Caroline are doing their bit for the environment. I respect their values and I wish them all the best in setting such a high standard in ethical fashion.

“No ray of sunlight’s ever lost”

—Vance Joy