Cole Harmening

Cole Harmening

Instagram: @cole_harmening

Hometown: Oceanside, CA

Favorite artist and/or songs on repeat right now: Float by Switchfoot

Favorite books: Bible, Habitudes, Love Does

Favorite movies: The Cradle of Storms, Faroes The Outpost Vol 02, Hunger Games

Favorite superhero: My Dad

Lifestyle: I grew up with the beach at my backyard. I was introduced to the sport of surfing at the early age of three, and has since gravitated from cruisy days with my Dad on a boogie board to chasing waves, getting barreled and finding the beauty of new surf spots around the world. 

Describe your perfect day: Wake up at sunrise and read my Bible on the beach. Then go surfing all morning. Next, pick up a healthy smoothie and head over to Dialog designs to sticker up or work on some new surfboards. Head out to lunch with my awesome friends. Hang out on the beach with my family or neighbors. Surf the rest of the afternoon until sunset. Enjoy the community, music and teaching at the NC Calvary College Service in Encinitas. Eat dinner and head over to my buddy’s house to play ping pong till midnight! 

What's the best meal you've ever had: BBQ chicken pizza and a berry smoothie!

Typical day: I usually surfs early in the morning if the waves are good, have breakfast and play video games with friends and then go back to the beach to hang out until its time to surf again in the evening. My day usually wraps up with dinner and bonfires on the beach. I live about half a mile from the beach, so my life pretty much is centered around it. 

Favorite local spot: My favorite place to surf is a spot known as DMJ’s, located on Camp Pendleton military base not too far from my house. Because it’s a military base the beach is more isolated than most in the area, and therefore way less populated which is a great change of pace from the busyness of most of the other beaches around.

Ambitions: For the time being, my goals are set on continuing my travels. I've spent a bunch of time recently exploring new surfing spots in Mexico, the North Shore in Hawaii, and Northern California. I also have plans to go to Indonesia with his good friend and talented photographer Andrew Cosley (@andrewcosley). 

Personal surf culture: I grew up in a very Christian family, and I've recently made an effort to focus those values towards surfing. Many of my favorite surf spots at home are often crowded, and surfing tends to turn into a bit of a selfish sport because of it, with people wanting the waves all to themselves. Especially while traveling, I saw how important it is to introduce yourself to a new place and new people with a smile on your face, and how much easier it is to enjoy something new when you’re harmonious with others who are also trying to catch waves rather than in competition with them. In the past few months while surfing at home, I've been pursuing bringing a much less selfish attitude to sharing waves, and building a more welcoming community at my home beaches. 

If you could learn any skill what would it be: Play guitar like Hunter Jackson

If you could go on a road trip with anyone who would you take and where would you go? Road Trip to Yosemite with Noah, Lauren and Chelsea

Inspirations: I've been inspired by my recent travels. Of the people I've met, I've gotten the impression that people grow up more with every trip, that the more people had traveled, the more unique and personal they were about how they were pursuing their life. I'm inspired by the amount of beautiful areas there are to see, and cant wait to continue my adventures.

Best advice you've ever received: “Hear God, Obey God and let him deal with the consequences” - Tom Bauer

Fair Harbor: When I wear Fair Harbor, not only am I wearing something that looks cool and performs a function, but the clothes also carry a message of positivity and sustainability that other clothes just don’t have. My Fair Harbor trunks are trendy and cool, but they also give me a feeling that I am doing my part in giving back to the cities, towns, beaches and waters that we all take from and enjoy every day.


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