Caroline's Guide to Ravello

Beauty is everywhere you look in the 13th-century village of Ravello. Here, Fair Harbor co-founder Caroline shares her favorite places to eat, drink, and soak it all in.

Nestled above the picturesque cliffside villages on the Amalfi Coast, the ancient town of Ravello feels like a place that has stood still in time. Its narrow cobblestone streets, terraced gardens, and breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea haven't changed much since my parents first visited it on their honeymoon 30 years ago. But I'm always awed by its beauty each time I venture there. Here are some of my favorite things to do in and around this charming locale.

1 - Take a tour of rufulo gardens

2 - Have a golden hour drink at hotel caruso

3 - Revel in homemade pasta at mama netta's restaurant

4 - Enjoy the ambiance of the town square

5 - take a day trip to positano


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