Our B Corp Journey

Our B Corp Journey

In celebration of B Corp Month, we look back on what it took to earn our B Corp certification and why we're proud to be part of this global force for good.

When we launched Fair Harbor a decade ago, we were committed to building an ethical brand focused on sustainability and purpose-driven business practices. Every day, we carry out this mission in everything we do—from the sustainable fabric we make and the responsible factories we partner with to the eco-friendly production practices we use and the way we organize community cleanups.

We’re also extremely proud to have repurposed more than 35 million plastic bottles to make our clothing.

That's also why earning our Certified B Corporation status in 2022 seemed like a natural progression for us.

The B Corp movement aims to make business a force for good in the world by prioritizing people and the planet. B Lab, a non-profit global organization that certifies businesses, has created a rigorous set of legal accountability and public transparency standards that all companies must meet.

Read on to learn more about our path to achieving B Corp recognition, what it means to us, and how it fits into our future.