In Celebration Of Clark Perkins

Last year, we tragically lost a member of our Fair Harbor family. Clark Perkins was our first intern and embodied everything we hope Fair Harbor stands for. He was kind, gracious, brilliant, and compassionate. Clark was the best of all of us. 

After learning of Clark’s passing, we wanted to celebrate him and make sure that we were keeping his legacy alive in Fair Harbor. We worked closely with the Perkins family to create a unique print that’s inspired by Clark’s incredible eyes. It also resembles a tropical ocean under a clear sky—an environment where Clark, an avid surfer, was truly himself. This collection will now always be available moving forward. It’s a small way we can remember and share the joy and happiness that Clark brought to us and so many others every single day.

Clark Anchor

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Clark Ozone

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Clark Hoodie

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“Clark was one of my best friends and he had such a beautiful approach to life. He always had a giant smile on his face and infused every situation with positivity. One of the most remarkable things about him was how he somehow created a bond with everyone he met. Even in the short amount of time he was here, he had such an immense impact: he was a Division I lacrosse goalie, a magna cum laude recipient from Colgate University, and the ultimate family man.

Clark was always at home in the water and he spent some of his favorite times surfing Costa Rica’s tropical breaks. While he was at Colgate University, he enlisted in Officer Candidate School to become a Marine Corps fighter pilot. Clark finished first in his class at flight school and was on his way to becoming a jet pilot, an honor that only one person per class achieves. He loved his country and he loved flying.

His mom Deb once said to me, ‘Clark was never afraid to be bold, so don’t be afraid.’ It’s impossible to fully represent who he was and what he meant to everyone who knew him, but this collection is one way we’re making sure Fair Harbor honors his memory. Clark was with us at the very beginning and he’ll always be a part of our story.”

—Jake Danehy, Fair Harbor co-founder