Product & Care

Where are your clothes manufactured?

We design our products in-house at our corporate headquarters in New York City. To select our stateside and overseas partners, we prioritize quality, compliance with workers’ safety, fair wages and benefits, and dedication to minimizing environmental impacts (things like water waste and air emissions). All factories we partner with are certified by the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) organization, a non-profit team of global social compliance experts that promote safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing. We partner with manufacturers globally, including East  Asia,  Southeast Asia, South Asia, and South America. 

Are your materials and fabrics sustainably sourced?

Yes! We work with specialists to source plastic bottles from around the globe, and convert them into high-quality sustainable recycled polyester fabric. We’re passionate about finding ways to manufacture our materials and styles more sustainably.

Recently, we made the switch to plant-based compostable bags for our shorts. We couldn’t justify being a sustainable brand and packing our products in wasteful plastic bags. Our packaging process is now one of the most environmentally friendly on the market today.

Can all your shorts be used in the water?

Absolutely. All of our shorts are designed primarily as swimwear, and to function extremely well in any water environment. Through our extensive testing, we have ensured our shorts are extremely versatile and can handle almost any condition or occasion.

Which shorts have a built-in liner? Do I need to wear boxer or compression shorts when wearing these?

The Anchor, Bayberry, Sextant, Ozone (lined option), and Bungalow shorts all have built-in liners if you prefer coverage and support. Our One Short is available in both lined and unlined options. If you’re interested in a more commando-style experience, we recommend our Nautilus boardshorts, which do not have a built-in liner.

All lined shorts are constructed with our BreezeKnit™ liner, a boxer brief style insert that keeps you feeling supported, comfortable, and fresh even after a long day at the beach, hike out on the trail, or afternoon at the bar.

Can I swim in the One Shorts?

Absolutely. All of our shorts are designed primarily as swimwear, and function extremely well in any water environment. The One Shorts are extremely versatile and perform as well in the water as they do on land. Many of our customers like them because they transition from training to swimming to social activities with ease. Whether swimming, golfing or going to Lunch, the One Shorts are all you need.

How do I know which shorts to choose?

This is a great question. Our first suggestion would be to think about the inseam length you’d prefer and whether or not you would like an interior liner. We have four short lengths and lined and unlined styles.

The Bungalow Trunk: 5” inseam (lined)

The Sextant Trunk: 6” inseam (lined)

The Bayberry Trunk: 7” inseam (lined)

The Anchor: 8” inseam (lined)

The Ozone: 8” and 10” inseam (lined)

The One Short: 8” inseam (lined AND unlined option)

The Nautilus Boardshort: 8” inseam (unlined)

Once you have answered those questions,  we suggest visiting the specific product pages, where you can find a description of the shorts, their possible uses, and their fits. Of course, if you have any questions, please send us a note and we’ll be happy to assist you with any questions. We also make great recommendations!